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Sep 3

Infinite Infinity - 1

Stellar steps but marching backwards
Immovable modern men locked in the matrix
Stuck today
Statuesque tomorrow
Non-essential extraterrestrials in hipster clothings
Reeking of the fuckery
Praying to stay in the current
Only to be washed by the waves of obsolete


Aug 26

Untitled Sunday Spewings

Someone bursted my innocence bubble into a ball of confusion
Now they look at me confused when I cant help being misunderstood
No one blames doctor frankenstein really
The mindless monsters that get force fucked into this world always suffer
No accountability and no remorse
Forgive my forgetfulness to not forsake you
When you full off of eating your young
What do you think the remaining bastards will feast on?
They wont hear your cries over the sound of the sky crashing
The shine off your dull prizes wont blind us from completing the cycle
We only speak evils cause thats all we felt while we rotted in the breaching hulls of the wombs
Now lets us fill up on your bitter failures
Served only after it reaches the boiling point
Taste like blood dried on faux gold


May 8

Dark Matter or Doesnt Matter?

Weary on the constant marches through a life that was never requested
Wheres the sacrifice for a do over
Blink of an eye
Lifetime of misery to make you forget how to cry
Still a smile slithers across the face of the tired
Got to keep moving
So what if you cant see the ending but youre standing at the edge
The need to win fades with the wind
Luckily there is a curse existing
Purpose fulfilled
The anger cant escape within but the rage wont vanish
Please stand clear or get washed into the sea of madness
Even the bleeding stops
And the stink of the rotten will blend into the breeze of the new day
To not be continued…..


Aug 26

The Curse Of Beauty and Obsession

She tosses hearts into the gutter like ignored raindrops
Smiling with eyes ablazed
Sinning with an ease
Blind fools follow and bypass any warning signs
The stars clash from confusion
While the sun battles the moon for control to shine upon her
Somewhere is the middle our goddess holds time with the care of a addict


Mar 24
Yes indeed.

Yes indeed.

(via ohgormanshasmoved)

Mar 4

Cupid’s Revenge

Dreams and lies
Its whats seperate the bitches from the wives
Schemes seemingly seamlessly drips
Especially when gypsies in diguise open their lips
Only at midnight when you get the witches brew
Time for dessert and they cutting the devils pie in a few
Black magic praticians
Mistress masters of dark alchemy with no divisions
Only time will tell
Theres no expirations on the advancedness of their spells
Beauty is a hypnotic alluring beast
The purest of illusions covered in the latest of designers fleece
So hard to resist Medusa’s stare
Stuck on stupid while the ruthless temptress strips your soul bare
You never felt love like this you think as you lay in the slick of her trap
Next time use your mind instead of your lap


More Mysterious and More Funner (The Mystery and The Funs Pt. 2)

The hiss from the bellows break your stranded spell
As the twisted vaudeville carries on
The skulls floating between the jugglers pick up haste
The clowns weeping intensify
The room twirls with a sinister grin
Wheres the exit?
You only came for the cotton candy
Now theres fools gold glitter raining from the ceiling
Just then infidels broke inside the tent
The event continues……


Feb 27

Just saying….

Sometimes you cant tell people your wants or desires. They might not always give you the response you was looking for.

Feb 17

Typical Heartbroken Exit #319

Now theres rain as it always seems to be in these scenes
No more love and lust
Someone mention second chance
Her body language sung a bad note causing her to wince at the mere thought
The awkward silence makes the room lose air
What if…..
The should would could ofs fill in the blanks
The too lates surround us armed to the teeth
Nothing left now but those good old times
Locked away with the guilt of a long lasting sting of the mistake
There goes the key down the rabbit hole of nevermore


Feb 10

My words kill….

Please read carefully…….