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Unlikely Escape Artist. Former Spokesperson For The Anti-Social.

Jun 14

Mt. Olympus


Sexually. Frustrated.


I miss my girl.

I miss Canada.


Jun 8


Back from vacation. Back to the grind.

May 28

R.I.P. Maya Angelou

May 22

Convince You To Stay

May 18

What gets us our of bed?

Sex and money is the probably the only motivation.

May 15


I watch these ads on tv and have to shake my head. Its like that would never be real life you phony motherfuckers. Fools will buy your products. You dont have to try so hard.

NBA Finals Prediction

Feels like its gonna be Miami Heat and San Antonia Spurs again. They both are the only 2 teams staying consistent. I wish the Oklahoma Thunder make it out the west instead but I got a feeling SA will beat whoever they meet in conference finals. Should be another good finals though.

May 14

Loner Struggles

So my co worker drops me off earlier and says “so when we gonna hangout?”  In my mind Im like…..





…..but i had to say something like “ill holla at you” which was me basically saying ill catch up with you or ill let you know which probably came off like……..


Jack Nicholson YES

Thumb Is Up

So yeah. I just dont wanna hangout with folks sometimes especially co workers on job I hate a lot. How do you say flat out no to something like that. He caught me off guard and it was awkward so now this guy thinks we gonna hangout. Damn.

May 12


Personally i dont care. Im just glad he didnt swing back on her cause then no one would be laughing and that would be a wrap for him in the public eyes.

May 10

The Fugees - Killing Me Softly

May 7


Congrats to Kevin Durant for getting that MVP award and that speech……

May 4

May 3

Inward *Hidden Track